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Happy new year to all!

Happy new year! Image from

Happy new year! Image from

First a few stats regarding in 2014.

And here is a screenshot of the number of visitors by month up to Jan 2015 since I started logging:

Num. of visitors to by month to January 2015.

Num. of visitors to by month to January 2015.

Things I hope to attempt this year:

  1. Finish moving all component packages onto the own, separate pages. Currently most are still on the one giant page. Although it seems to work well to rank highly in the Google search engine, this poses problems for readers as the page takes a long time to load and navigate. I have finished the first 10 or so packages, but given there is over a 100, this will be a long and painful process :-D.
  2. Improve the SEO of more pages (most are not optimised).
  3. Improve the menu structure. Many of the menu icons don’t make sense, and I am considering the possibility of making the menu sticky to the top of the page.
  4. Stick with a domain and not get bored of it. If there is one thing I’m guilty of it is changing the domain name of this site too often. In 2004 it was first (which still exists!!!), then, then and now In part it reflects the changing nature of the site’s content, but also my ability to choose names that I get bored of quickly. I think I’m on to a winner with, so let’s hope it stays that way!
  5. Publicise more! Haven’t worked out how I’m going to do this…
  6. Improve load times. I have just started looking into this, as I have had a feeling that the load times have not been spectacular. One monitoring service reports that the average load time for the home page is currently around 7-9s. Ouch! I don’t know what is ‘normal’, but this seems too high!
  7. Automate the adding of child pages to a TOC (table of contents) on the parent page. This will be especially useful for pages with a high number of child pages, such as the Component Packages page. Currently the only way to view child pages is through the main menu (which can get overwhelmed).
  8. Continue adding to and improving the existing content (as always).

Updates for December 2014:

  1. Lately, a strange asterisk has popped up next to all page headings. Clicking it takes you almost back up to the top of the page. I think this might have something to do with an upgrade to the Better Anchor Links plugin I use to automatically create a “Contents” section at the top of the page which has hyperlinks to all the the pages headings.
    Weird asterisks appearing after the page headings!

    Weird asterisks appearing after the page headings!

    UPDATE 2014-11-07: It is indeed a problem caused by the Better Anchor Links plugin. The plugin supports an option to add a “back link”, which adds a character beside each header that takes you back to the start of the page. This is what you are seeing here. I don’t know why they appearing throughout my site, when I clearly have the option unticked in the settings page for the plugin. As a temporary fix, I commented out the entire body of the function 

    from the file  wp-content/plugins/better-anchor-links/mwm-aal-class.php, except the last line,  return $content;. I don’t expect this fix to remain upon upgrading the plugin, but hopefully the author has fixed the bug by this time.

  2. The resistor symbols on the Resistors page are not being rendered. The error messages given are: “QuickLatex cannot compile formula…” and “Error: cannot create svg file.”. I think this might have something to do with me switching back to using the Visual editor rather than the raw text error.
    The resistor symbols on the Resistors page are not being rendered.

    The resistor symbols on the Resistors page are not being rendered.

    UPDATE 2014-11-25: This has been fixed, the problem was caused by WordPress inserting HTML breaks ( <br>) into the Latex code when switching from the text to visual editor. This was occurring even when the Raw HTML plugin was enabled, which is meant to stop this thing from happening!

August 2014 Updates

Here’s the updates for this month! However, the thing that shadows all these points is the move to a new domain, more on that soon!

  • Added Op-Amp banner.
  • Moved the Control Methodology from under Programming->Languages->C to Programming->General, as it now contains information applicable to all programming languages.
  • New page, Abstraction Layers under Programming->Methodlogies. Added an example of an abstraction layer for a operating system (OSAL), and for microcontroller hardware peripherals such as GPIO and UART.
  • Updates to repo RingBuffCpp.
  • Creation of new GitHub repo MStringCpp.
  • Moved content on OpenCart page to OpenCart->General.
  • Added info to the OpenCart->General page on how to disable vdmod logging.
  • Updated the Electrical Supplier page with info about Samtec and fixed some of the formatting issues on the page. Fixed some external links on this page.
  • New page, C++->Operator Overloading which explains how to perform operator overloading in C++.
  • New page Electronics->Communication Protocols->AT Protocol.
  • PSoC USB pins can be used as GPIO, but only when the drive mode is in one of two configurations. Info added to the pins section of the PSoC Components page.
  • Moved all GitHub repos from user gbmhunter to new organisation mbedded-ninja.

July 2014 Updates

Probably one of the biggest months of updates ever!

It was only when I viewed my website from another person’s computer that I realised that the disqus commenting system was adding ads (an “Around The Web” section) to the bottom of this site’s pages. I have a strong aversion to ads (especially IRRELEVANT ones like disqus was adding), even though they could potentially earn me money (I had earnt around US$12 so far, sarcastic yay!).

After looking through the disqus setting on this site, I discovered that I had to remove them through the admin panel on

Now we are back to normal!

So progress has been a little slower than usual lately, here are all the updates from Feburary 2014 to June 2014:

  • New info on jumpers (jumpers in resistor packages) on the Resistors page
  • New page on electropermanent magnets (cool electronic magnets which retain their magnetic state after powerdown.
  • New force equation on the Capacitors page (related to the force exerted on the plates due to the electric charge)
  • Picture added of card-edge connector gold fingers on the connectors page
  • New component packages added to the popular Component Package page.
  • New page on electrical comparators.
  • I am now using Latex to draw diagrams! I have begun using QuickLatex, TikZ and Circuitikz. This allows me to draw images like this:

    Admittedly, this is just an image, but the real diagrams on the Op-Amp page are described in the Tex language, and only rendered when you visit the page!

  • And on a similar note, there is now both a TikZ and PGF tutorial and a CircuitikZ tutorial.