TO-277A (SMPC) Component Package


Name (JEDEC) TO-277A (Transistor Outline 277A)
  • SMPC (Vishay)
Variants n/a
Similar To n/a
Mounting SMD
Pin Count 3 (2 pins + 1 pad)
    2.13mm (between pins 1 and 2, excluding the pad (pin 3))
Solderability A little tricky to solder by hand, as this package has a pad. However, since the pad comes right to the edge, it can be done with a large and hot enough soldering iron tip. Easy to solder with with infrared or reflow techniques.
Thermal Resistance
  • $$T_{JC} = 3^{\circ}{\rm C}/W$$
  • $$T_{JA} = 60^{\circ}{\rm C}/W$$ (recommended land pattern, no thermal vias)
Physical Dimensions
  • Package Size: 4.60×6.50×1.10mm (width*length*height)
  • Recommended Footprint Land Area: 4.8×6.8mm = 32.6mm2
3D Models
Common Uses
  • Medium/high power diodes.


Used by Vishay and Bruckewell.

3D Renders

A 3D render of the TO-277A component package.
A 3D render of the TO-277A component package.


Dimensions and land pattern for the TO-277A (SMPC) component package.